Richard George Gomes

Wanted for Contempt on the Following Charges:
Burglary, Theft, and
Firearms Violations

Richard Gomes is wanted in Middlesex County, New Jersey on the charges mentioned above. Gomes has tattoos on his left arm, left wrist, right arm, and right hand. Richard is 5' 9", about 175 lbs, brown hair , brown eyes , and usually wears his hair tied back in a long braid with a bandana around his head. He usually wears some style of facial hair most often a goatee. He uses the nickname Rip and uses the alias Jon C. Knight and Jesse Newell. He has numerous relatives in Missouri.

Date of birth : June 15th, 1952
Social Security #: 056-46-6971
FBI #: 941623J9
SBI #: 197517A
Indictment #: 98-01-00051
File #: 97002595
New Jersey Drivers license #: G-6342 65567 06532

If you have information about Richard Gomes, you can contact Detective Ed Clayton at the Marlboro Township Police Department at (732) 536-0100, Ext. 461